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Adult ADHD

As a therapist with ADHD, I take my own experiences and education to help clients find what works for them. I focus on how ADHD shows up for you. ADHD is so different in each individual, we work together to find what you need to work with your brain and not against it. 

How it can therapy can help

Therapy can be a beneficial and effective tool for adults with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in several ways. Here are some ways in which therapy can help adults with ADHD:


1. Skill Building: Therapy can help adults with ADHD develop practical skills to manage symptoms, such as organizational strategies, time management techniques, and coping mechanisms for impulsivity and distraction.


2. Emotional Regulation: Many adults with ADHD struggle with emotional dysregulation, mood swings, and impulsive reactions. Therapy can help individuals learn how to recognize and regulate their emotions more effectively.


3. Self-Esteem and Confidence: ADHD can impact self-esteem due to challenges with focus, motivation, and productivity. Therapy can provide a supportive environment to work on self-acceptance, build confidence, and develop a positive self-image.


4. Relationships and Communication: ADHD can affect relationships due to difficulties with attention, forgetfulness, and impulsivity. Therapy can help individuals improve communication skills, set boundaries, and navigate social interactions more effectively.


5. Goal Setting and Planning: Adults with ADHD may struggle with setting and achieving goals due to difficulties with organization and time management. Therapy can provide tools and strategies to break down tasks, set realistic goals, and create achievable plans.


6. Coping with Challenges: ADHD can present various challenges in different life areas, from work and education to relationships and daily responsibilities. Therapy can help individuals develop healthy coping strategies, problem-solving skills, and resilience in managing these challenges.


Overall, therapy for adults with ADHD can be a valuable resource for addressing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of the condition, promoting self-awareness, skill development, and improved quality of life. It is essential to work with a therapist who has experience and understanding of ADHD to tailor the therapy to individual needs and goals.

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